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The Global Quality MARK  for all your brands. 
Offering World Class "Brand Identity" Development  and Organizational project  restructuring for better Sales & Revenues


Since 2000, We have provided our professional Brand Identity Development services & certifications to individuals and diversified businesses. We create the requisite promos & branding tools designed to clients' specific demands so as to stand out in an otherwise highly competitive market, giving our clients a creative and professional boost. of unparalleled stance.

We get our clients' processes and products innovatively designed and developed before the brand identity development and content audited and certifications process initiation as per the international standard ISO 20671 Brand evaluation - wherein we cover  Principles and fundamentals, provide guidance to organizations, regardless of their activity or size, on the evaluation of brands.[1] developed 

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offering consulting services NAAC certifications for Colleges & universities.

Resources & Useful Tips for colleges

As a leading Brand Identity Developer, I know that exceptional service means providing my clients with the tools and resources they need to set them apart from their competitors. Check out all the latest tips and trends below. In addition, we also offer 

Main requirements of the  ISO standard

The ISO 20671:2019 standard

adopting the structure with the following breakdown:

  • 1 Purpose

  • 2 Normative references

  • 3 Terms and definitions

  • 4 Principles of conducting a brand evaluation

    • 4.1 General principles

    • 4.2 Transparency

    • 4.3 Consistency

    • 4.4 Objectivity

  • 5 Fundamentals of brand evaluation

    • 5.1 General

    • 5.2 Elements

      • 5.2.1 General

      • 5.2.2 Tangible elements

      • 5.2.3 Quality elements

      • 5.2.4 Elements of innovation

      • 5.2.5 Service elements

      • 5.2.6 Intangible assets

    • 5.3 Dimensions

      • 5.3.1 Legal size

      • 5.3.2 Customer / another stakeholder size

      • 5.3.3 Market size

      • 5.3.4 Size of the economic and political environment

      • 5.3.5 Financial dimension

  • 6 Considerations on brand evaluation

    • 6.1 Staff

    • 6.2 Practices and processes

    • 6.3 Brand evaluation audit

    • 6.4 Data sourcing

    • 6.5 Results of brand evaluation

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, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) certification process

NAAC Accreditation:
A step for the quality education system in higher education
NAAC accreditation is a comprehensive process involving data gathering and compilation for the last 5 consecutive years, report generation as per NAAC standard formats. The analysis and the weightage of all the above-collected data has to be correlated with criteria and relevant key indicators.
At, we provide world-class professionally managed strategic consolation services to complete  NAAC accreditation  process and proportionally a higher NAAC grade as per relevant criteria  We typically start with the product development and side by side work on the brand identity and development  so hat the advantage gained through NAAC accreditation may result in the overall advantage of the institution concerned.
We ensure that every stakeholder if the NAAC accreditation process at the institution concerned eventually understand its significance , objectives,  assessment and accreditation process, grading systems, NAAC Committee, accreditation status, checklists,  criteria, and overall ensuring the  Institution registration for NAAC portal, IIQA Submission, SSR  & Peer team.

This is in reference to our  integral business proposition based upon hypermedia "Pro-vista tech", that can assist our CLIENTS LIKE YOU ' in a great  way to harness your business queries into potential sales confirmation and also to extend innovative  PR, lobbying & alliances & branding tie-ups along with unique  " reach out" niche relationship marketing initiatives undertaken by me across the High NetWorth individuals (HNI), financial institutions, reputed Corporates, and Luxurious products & services based ventures. especially for building perception about your brand among real-estate clients and  enterprise level sales across the domains . 

This typically includes "out of the box" innovatively conceived  PR campaigns especially initiated among influential  individuals, political, social  & business leaders, CEOs, zonal & regional  branch heads of various financial, insurance or other  IT corporate-level influencers, renowned  investors & even major real estate channel partners and industry stalwarts. 

As Directorate Consulate for your brand, We reachi out to  major business associates like CA, Architects , Designers and investment consultants in a more discreet & personalised manner that's beyond the scope & reach of usual digital marketing & social media campaigns, 

As this perception building exercise happens to be far more organic, direct & original  with real-time brand  feedback, as director - Sales & marketing, your organization gets  interactive peer to peer brand awareness, personalized client-to-client- customised access, it provides invaluable business intelligence and information.The perceived benefits include raising   independent or informal alliances with  premium. Jlry outlets,  world-class hospitality chains, club or elite industry recognitions.  

All this begins usually through hypermedia "Pro-vista visuals' pitched through direct access approach or displayed on the LED  point of Purchase (POP) at the strategic locations in your corporate office, all the  sales outlets including that of  major channel partners. The Hyper media  pro-vista visuals is regularly auto updated and shared with all the business associates, sales queries, walk in visitors and potential clients via whatsapp link  preferably building brand perception among the masses eventually leading to pre-qualification of potential sales, image makeovers among existing happy or not so happy clients, dispelling off any business hurdles, hitches, or concerns in a calibrated and discrete manner.

Tremendously impacting the revenue generation capabilities & perception marketing strategies including "  sales conversion tie-ups, alliances, and licensing with the neo brands, corporates, and business conceptual support to your potential buyers or arrange institutional level enterprise selling from the local big clients to corporate giants across the regions. 

To specify a few steps. I would like to begin by assisting your team  in both pre-qualifying the sales & Post sales - business enhancement ,  strategic concept support systems for the end-user clients, even the investors, corporates, and end-users in govt. public sector  or senior bureaucracy   say in using the  following aspects:

1. A hypermedia visuals of your sale outlets or allied setups as a commercial recall value samples on "Pro-vista" that can make your company products & services stand out among the discrete segments of society & business world that's capable of influencing or clicking potential sales prospects, thereby turning queries into confirmations. This will even assist the potential client in recalling the ambiance, buyer appeal, and the persona of the property via "real to life" hypermedia visuals having anywhere & anytime access.  

2. "Reach out" campaigns to the HNI, NRI, and commercially viable individual ventures and corporate customers across the industrial verticals to create the perception of prestige and pristine about your  PRODUCT OFFERINGS using direct and relationship market penetration. 

3. Creating a network of high -branding, mutually beneficial influencer Sales, reach out to niche  beyond the usual market segmentation - client wise, professional wise, or  geographical locale wise . 

4. I can offer unique concept "never before " neo- brands & techno- brands across the globe to your commercial projects using master franchise or master startup unique model wherein the first startup center shall be owned by your group or a significant client who can scale up across the region as regional promotor or collaborator .

5. Conduct brand -effective Public Relation Campaigns in social political and commercial circles utilizing business lobbying, industry associations, and corporate memberships both online and offline at the level of brand owners and managers especially for commercial property deals.

5. Empowering, educating, and inviting end-users buyers about the possible business plans and franchising options (if any) including national or international level  licensing , tie-ups & alliances so as to accelerate the sales of the property units and create a cohesive mindset for the realty investment decisions.

In short,  I propose to offer my expertise in creative strategic planning, brand leadership,  Perception marketing, and relationship branding, franchising & tie-ups along with vast & varied experience of 25 years in Public Relations, brand development, corporate communications & creatives, product development, brand positioning, govt, & corporate lobbying, and business sales/perception marketing,  property brand management  & reach out strategic planning along with offering  specialized Quality marketing & sales training exclusively to your sales team in your  esteemed organization.

I will also provide specialized original, latest  and relevant  content Management services to your organization across all the social media , web & Print content as well.Cost

The Contractual  cost payable for all the above stated set of services , consultancy and  Perception building campaign  is  4 lac for the first Quarter and Rs 2 lac for every subsequent Quarters , reaching out to entire Tricity segmentation with an average PR Leach of  at least 100  high net worth contacts per month.


Sanjeev k mengi 

Director Projects 

APEXCEL  ( Indo British Projets )



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We at are your pioneering official source for creative design, brand, and certification solutions in the region Since 2000,  We've provided businesses and individuals with a wide range of visual media services, brand building, and image makeovers for better identity, recognition, and better business market share. I actively listen to the needs of my clients and make sure I produce designs and certify their leadership that meets clients' exact demands.
We work closely with OUR clients from the first step through to the completed product to make sure they are fully on board with where I am taking them. My passion is my work, and I’m committed to bringing my clients’ visions to life. The Certified Brand Seal of Approval is the first international seal of value for valuable brands, which is based on an objective evaluation process. It shows the value and future viability of a brand and it confirms all stakeholders that the brand management is capable implemented.

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I understand the importance of creating a lasting visual impact. My Typography Design services are fully customizable to suit my clients’ needs, allowing me to create the perfect message, from the smallest details on up.


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Creating strong visual appeal is essential, and my Image Design services can play an integral role in successfully promoting every business. From the initial concept to the final product, I work hard to bring my clients’ visions to life.


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When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, it’s vital to use the right combination to create a stylish and visually appealing design. I work hard to ensure my clients get the attention they deserve.

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