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Running it via the browser: Here is a quick script that you can use to train the models and reproduce my results: You can enter your user/password, then choose the model, and it should train it and return you the score. Quick Summary The python code trains the models and the only thing I have to do is restart it. It does a lot of preprocessing to the images which I did so you can use the data from the Kaggle competition, but you can change this by using the full size images on the Kaggle site. The accuracy is much higher than my competitors because I did a lot of preprocessing and filtering and some other techniques. The only training that needs to be done is on the training_images and the data is already here, you can run this code on your own computer. Note: I can run it on multiple models if you give me a list of models to try: List of models: 'many': //this is a file I created that does all the preprocessing (filtering, masking, resizing,...) 'main_data.csv': //this is the data that I used to train the models, you can modify this if you want to get the data from a different location 'subset.csv': //this is a csv file with the training images so you can rerun this code if you want to use a subset of images and get a different result 'main_data_train.csv': //this is a csv file that I used to train the models with the same data as main_data.csv 'features.csv': //this is the csv file that contains the info of each image used in the training (position, index, Color, Position of the head in the image,...) 'features_input.csv': //this is the csv file that contains the input for each image used in the training (same as features.csv) A: You can download the files by this link and use them as a dataset for training models. I have been thinking about something for a while now, but I really didn’



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