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ATSE : how to make the most OUT OF YOUR TALENT

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

APEXCEL Indo British Talent Search Examination (ATSE), a multi dimensional aptitude cum academic talent search cum Scholarship program that has been conceived and designed to assess the overall intellectual potential of the school going students and is offering a Special Career counseling sessions right in your campus as per new education policy initiative of the federal system of our nation.

Specialized Conceptual learning Courses -Scholarships along with Career Counseling sessions are being processed for the participating school’s students and the teachers including faculty development training test - tutorials especially ranging from class 1 to 12. These are usually covering the content learnt and acquired till now by the students and teachers of their respective classes. All the academic support for the afore-stated ATSE examination papers and integrated follow up remedial courses is flexibly planned and in advance provided by the APEXCEL to the School authorities as per school’s suitability of time and resources .

The Career Counseling session about the various competitive examinations, Self Study measures, methodologies, including info regarding When, How , Where and When to start preparing & applying for various competitions , Olympiads is amply explained, counseled and guided to both the parents and the candidates both online or offline as feasible.

ATSE Paper-based/ Online - 2020-21 (through Schools/ Colleges ): The offline/online examination will be conducted through schools/Colleges. An ATSE Application form with brief information leaflet is herein being enclosed for your kind reference. (See the attachment File)

Name & Fee ATSE-2021 :: APEXCEL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATIONS + career counseling session with the parents / teachers @ Rs 250 to 350 per Student .

Style & Pattern of Test : Integrated test papers of 50 MCQs, Fill in the blanks or aptitude questions based mainly on NCERT Syllabus covered till the respective class level of each participant in Mathematics, English & Science Aptitude.

Location : Usually ATSE is conducted on premises in-Class in campus or at suitable Assembly site or alternatively it can be held online or at home via Online Site or even via Whatsapp telegram / Zoom / Microsoft / APEXCEL – Google specific apps.

Benefits to the School : On successful conduction of the test, a participation certification is conferred to institution along with an online reference as associated institutions on, and and even on the other Social media channels Specialized Faculty development & Skill recognition programs and ERP based administrative introduction to education new technology applications for better management.

: Enlistment of the Head of the associated institution as APEXCEL Indo British Patron on our records.

For Students & Parents : Opportunity to independently get information and feedback reports about the real academic and aptitude level of the student and is followed by the scholarship courses options as per the respective areas of difficulty or interest. Through ATSE both the student and parents can get the advisory guidance for the allied Career Counseling to choose a career and professional courses proportional to child’s score so that one can Self- prepare for such opportunities in time and learn How, why, when & where to apply for such professional like in Defence, Medical, Engineering, Commerce, Business, Arts & humanities fields as feasible. So you may kindly allow us to participate with you in the conduction of ATSE-2021 in your institution as a part of Quality mission across the nation in the true Spirit of New Education policy. I shall be visiting your campus soon to present the proposal in person and plan further with your kind guidance.


Sanjeev Kumar Mengi

Director Projects

ATSE profile features

APEXCEL Indo British Projects is a multi dimensional professionally managed progressive conceptual learning and testing initiative in the field of education, Cyber- IT- media, Human resource developments , online- offline Trainings , Branding and strategic management consulate services across the nation in diverse industry domains. Typically our hallmark lies in Identifying the fast growing sectors like Aviation, hospitality & travels via , nurturing the talent of potential candidates in Defence services via, and exploring administrative job market via UPSC & SSB examinations and eventually guiding the best brains in the above stated fields though skill development, career counseling sessions and seminars.

It is this inherent feature of our “ Quest for Quality “ that leads us to an endeavor to make the younger generation better aware n far more confident of new upcoming opportunities and challenges by attempting a number of career enhancement events and employability oriented talent hunt tests and training tutorials. These Olympiads, contests, competition tests , remedial classes are, planned to be conducted regularly in the campuses of the most reputed institutions , corporate & even prominent public sector across the region, mostly on mutual participation basis or even franchised basis.

. This itself offers a great brand identity and image makeover to the participating institutions, colleges , schools and even faculty members in particular and to of course recognition boost to the students fraternity on the whole.

We always felicitates and involve the partner institutions’ teachers and professionals having an intense interest and knowhow to utilize their vast experience in furthering the APEXCEL HR knowledge base. Their hands-on practical skills help us to team up better, create afresh and implement faster testing solutions that actuate the real needs of schools, colleges, corporate and Industrial institutions .

ATSE : Skill - based Assessment & Career counseling Sessions

ü Provides feedback on real learning & relevant concepts - actually tests what has being taught and learnt by the student till current level of his/her class or course stage.

ü Sets standards and benchmark the minimum Quality and Quantity / depth of know-how expected typically from participating students across the regions

ü Allows the students to know where he/she stands actually conceptually.

ü Provides detailed analysis and feedback in terms of career counseling

ü Ideates areas of strengths and weaknesses , suggesting remedial steps

ü Highly flexible offline n online in center or at home options & affordable solution to enable the majority

ü The focus on fundamentals is important. A student, after completing his/her education, is able to face the competitive world with equanimity, once armed with these fundamentals. Even while opting for higher studies, the student has to go through a complete scan of what and how much he/she knows. Exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AFMC, CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, are designed to test the fundamental strengths of a student. All our tests are diagnostic in nature and help students in practically improving their skills.

ü Unlike regular tests which may only find out how much a student knows or has memorized, our exams measure how well a student has understood the concepts, and gives a detailed feedback of the same, to help him/her improve.

ü Thus our exams help each student know whether and how much he/she has actually understood about a concept and enables him/her to take immediate proactive steps .

· Guiding the student in choosing a career that is most apt for the student’s strengths and abilities. Developing interactive learning kits and activities. Conducting programmers for the overall development of a student.

We are conducting an integrated career guidance/ workshops/seminars/ CAREER COUNSELING Sessions on ‘When . ‘where How and Why to Choose particular career / Job / study Course’, ‘

Why Choose? APEXCEL programs

• are designed to judge student's basic understanding of concepts & applications skills, not merely testing their memory recall. Tests that have interesting questions & require thinking, not rote

• Tests are well researched & aptly designed to the learning level.

• Diagnostic Tests that assess student's strengths and weaknesses.

• Tests that provide unique, skill wide feedback, highlighting the students’ strengths/ weaknesses.

List of the various APEXCEL programs to be offered in the Year 2021-22

Meant for students of



APEXCEL Talent Search Examinations - ( ATSE)

Class - 1 to 12 / Grad



APEXCEL Career Counseling Educational Proficiency Test - ( ACCEPT)

Class - 5 to 12/ Grad



APEXCEL Super-Scholarship Educational Research Test - ( ASSERT )

Class - 1 to 12



APEXCEL Skill - Scholarship Employability Test System - ( ASSETS )




APEXCEL Career Counseling Educational Support Seminar . - (ACCESS)

Class: 5th to Grad



APEXCEL Global English /Hindi Olympiads . : - ( AGEHO)

Class 1 - 12 , Graduate



.APEXCEL Global Science Olympiads : - ( AGSO)

Class - 1 to 12



.APEXCEL Global Computers Olynpiads : - ( AGCO)

Class 1 - 12 , Graduate



, APEXCEL Global knowledge Olympiads : ( AGKO)

Class 1 - 12 , Graduate



. APEXCEL Global Technology Olympiads : - ( AGTO)

B,tech/ B,e.Diploma



APEXCEL Global Soft-Skills Olympiads : - ( AGSsO)

Class 10 - 12 , Graduate



APEXCEL Global Jobs Olympiads : - ( AGJO)




APEXCEL Global Communicative Personna Olympiads : ( AGCP)




APEXCEL Global ENGLISH Olympiads : ( AGEO)




APEXCEL Global Science Olympiads : ( AGSO)

Class 10 - 12 , Graduate



APEXCEL Global Computers OLYMPIADS : ( AGCO)

Class 10 - 12 , Graduate



APEXCEL Global Sports Olympiads : ( AGSO)

Class 10 - 12 , Graduate



. APEXCEL Global Technology Olympiads : ( AGTO)

B,tech/ B,e/ Diploma



APEXCEL Global Biology Olympiads : ( AGCO)

Class 10 - 12 , Graduate




Class 1 - 12 , Graduate




Class 1 - 12 , Graduate



APXCEL Chemistry Olympiad : ( AchO)

Class 1 - 12 , Graduate



APXCEL Commerce Olympiad : ( ACO)

Class 1 - 12 , Graduate


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